Maun Homepathy Project website and emailThe Challenge

Maun Homepathy Project are a small charity and asked Copper to help give them an easy way to update their website and have a more consistent and appealing look across their digital promotional work. They had a pre-existing website which was difficult to update and had sent emails to their supporters in the past but this was a difficult process.

What We Did

To help bring all their digital communications in line we first created a fresh and clean looking website using WordPress. This meant they could easily manage updating the site with news and patient stories internally. Following this we created two email templates which would cover most kinds of emails they planned to send out, one newsletter style and the other an appeal or update.


Maun Homepathy Project now have a site which they can keep up to date without external resource and cost. The first email they sent to their supporters received almost a 50% open rate and 45% clickthrough rate. Both of these were a great response for their audience. 7% of these clicks were also on the Donate button which now features in their template. Their website and email communication will continue to drive engagement and donations.

Isklar Sparkling Water Email MarketingTo help boost the launch of Isklar Sparkling Copper worked with Euro RSCG Biss Lancaster, Isklar’s PR agency, to spread the word that after only a couple of months it’s already the second fastest sparkling water brand in the UK. Using our tracking systems we were able to follow responses to their B2B email marketing.

[two_third]WaterAid digital engagement[/two_third]



First 100 Days

This campaign we created for WaterAid is a great example of how communications, content and conversations all work together. We were briefed by WaterAid to create a campaign which would primarily encourage people to sign the petition but also to tell their friends and make a donation.

We built an email which, although slightly unconventional at around 8000px, demonstrated the idea of a countdown with increasing urgency and detail the further down the email the reader went.

The email sent recipients through to the petition page on the WaterAid website. After they had signed the petition they were then asked to share the campaign with their friends by clicking a button which would update their twitter status, add a link on facebook or send an email to their friends.

The campaign was segmented by involvement to also help understand how different groups responded. There was also a chaser email which reinforced the stories of the people who will be affected by the decisions of our government.[/one_third_last]

Isklar Emails

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Euro RSCG New Business EmailsWe put together a range of targetted news business emails for Euro RSCG Biss Lancaster. Each email was targetted at a different market and have personalised contact details based on the recipient.


[one_third_last]We got involved with Christian Concern in 2010 and were brought in to initially review their brand, communications and supporter engagement. As part of this process we helped them rebrand, overhaul their email communications and build a new website to help display and manage their content more effectively. Their previous site was a bespoke database driven site which we moved over to the Open Source Drupal CMS framework.

We restructured the whole site into ‘concerns’ to make it easier for visitors to follow a particular issue and help categorise all the articles, media and resources.

We have also helped them implement a more effective email programme which gives them the data and analytics to help them improve their campaign and regular emails.

Christian New Media Awards Finalist[/one_third_last]

We’ve been spreading the word to World Vision Child Sponsors about how they can now send an email to their sponsored child. We tested a few options and came up with an email that was getting some of their best open rates and clickthroughs yet.

In the past charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer have recruited new donors using primarily offline channels, so we were privileged to be able to work with them on their first online recruitment campaign. Copper designed and built the ads working with Breakthrough’s DM agency, Domain.<br /> <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>