The charity Diabetes UK needed a way to communicate with their supporters more regularly, so Copper developed an e-newsletter to keep their supporters up to date with the great work they were doing.

We produced this email marketing campaign for the charity Asthma UK. The emails were broadcast following a direct mail appeal to help increase response rates.

Post-Switch is an impartial postal broker, providing expert advice on matching direct mail campaigns to the most suitable supplier at the optimum tariff. Copper built the site to support this new business and handle postage enquiries from existing and potential customers.

Our director and chief engagement expert Jason Suttie has started a blog to share his thoughts on engagement and the digital world. You can check it out at if you’re interested. He’d also love to get your comments and feedback if you find his blogs interesting, or not.

Visit the Engaging Digital blog

CBM Life Stories is a web campaign aimed at helping bring the charity’s supporters closer to the people doing the work in the field. Each of the Life Stories sites focus on a specific project combining blog updates, photos, videos and twitter feeds to give people a glimpse of the day in the life of an aid worker.

We recently launched a new website for Maun Homeopathy Project a charity which offers free homeopathy treatment to people who are struggling with the painful symptoms and stigma of HIV & AIDS. They wanted a site which was easier to manage and made it easier for people to find out what they do.

We also built a series of emails which allow them to keep in contact with their supporters and volunteers.

You can see their new site here –

As you may have noticed we decided to rename our news section to ‘blog’. We just thought that this was a bit more descriptive of the type of articles and updates we’re looking to add in this section. Even though in the past a lot of what we’ve added hasn’t necessarily been News we’ve only just got around to actually changing it.

We talk about digital engagement constantly within the work we do each day. Most of the projects we manage for our clients are to help increase engagement and develop better relationships with customers or supporters. But when does engagement begin? Or to put it a different way when does an organisation propose?
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