The apprentice is a show that many of us welcome back onto our TV screens year after year. The usual array of mouthy, over confident contestants (some hopefully with talent) inevitably makes good viewing.Over the years we have watched the show produce inventors, recruiters, cosmetic surgeons... and now a digital marketing agency. Read more
Daytrippers is a wonderful charity, running inclusive days for young disabled people in the UK. They are small and privately funded, ensuring 100% of donations go towards benefiting the children on the day-trips – which we think is pretty great. We’ve been working with them for a number of years and understand their positioning and have seen both their charity and the events they run grow. Read more
Exciting occurrences are occurring in the world of Copper… We are thrilled, delighted and excited that our Associate Director Tim Kitchin has been persuaded to join Copper full time in 2015 as Client Service Director and Head of Copper Consulting. Read more
It may only be early November but last week, most of the big retailers released their Christmas advertising. With much anticipation, John Lewis, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Argos and co have set free their creative offerings for the judgement of the British public. Read more
When an American tourist got locked into Waterstones on the evening of Thursday 16th October he used social media as his outlet of choice in his attempt to get let out of the store. In the aftermath of this event, Waterstones has given us a lesson in agile marketing and social media insight, reaffirming the place their brand holds in people's hearts. Read more
The morning commute on the underground is usually an internet free zone (apart from the bits of the underground that are actually over ground) which can result in positive and negative sentiment for commuters. But alas no longer! The future has been unveiled, and on-the-move connectivity is a large part of it. Read more
In the aftermath of the Ice Bucket Challenge and the #nomakeupselfie a new viral fundraising campaign has come to our attention... Read more