The hard fact is, people will unsubscribe from your emails, cancel their account, or stop their direct debit and you'll never hear from them again. It's something that as charity marketers we're all aware of and something most of us monitor and analyse to try and stop from occurring. Read more
Over the last few years our focus has been increasingly on understanding our clients' communications from their donors' or customers' perspective. We've seen how the expectations of donors have changed and how this has impacted fundraising communications. This highlights our shift to customer experience. Read more
Reflections on the impact of digital storytelling to connect with donors after Jason's trip to visit our sponsored child in Ethiopia. Read more
The concept of agility has been working its way into all manner of contexts and industries over the last few years. There are now so many processes which benefit from being responsive and adaptive, most significantly when technology is a factor in the process. As we’ve been practising some of these theories we’ve realised that most of what Agile is about is transferrable to fundraising and hence ‘Agile Fundraising’. Read more
If you wish to keep at the leading edge then we believe that you should focus on the key growth areas: content, including image and video; social media diversity; responsive design and location based marketing. Read more
There are no hard and fast rules for a successful button design - it depends entirely on your goal and the context of the button on the page. We've tried many button designs across a variety of channels and we discovered that there's a fair amount to think about. Read more
I’ve come to expect that any company I give my email address to should send me a timely and friendly welcome. It doesn’t necessarily need to offer me anything free, but just make me feel like they appreciate me allowing them into my inbox. We think welcome emails are important and essential to your email marketing campaign. Read more
You may not have noticed but last month we changed our domain name from to Here's a bit of an explanation as to why... Read more