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We’re always on the look out for content produced by charities who bring the supporter closer to the cause.  It doesn’t have to big budgets, and flashy design – but obviously that can help get seen sometimes.

Here are a few examples that I feel are share worthy.

Having worked for international development organisations, the scale of emergencies, and people in need can seen overwhelming to the point where you can picture how many people are affected. The International Committee of the Red Cross @ICRC shared this on Twitter, which I think really makes a huge humanitatian crisis easier to understand, without losing the scale of it.



This experience from Save the Children called What if a bomb was dropped on your town? also caught my eye.  After entering your postcode you are taken to your streetview on Google Maps where everything seems relatively normal.  What happens next I’ll leave for you to discover, but the combination of using my personal data to create my location, and then deliver rich media stories first-hand, really brought the issue and reality of the situation to light.



This campaign is slightly older, but I think worthy of mentioning since I think it’s such a great engagement tool, is from UNHCR.  They partnered with Google to create a website called Searching for Syria which aims to answer the five most common questions about the Syrian refugee crisis.  It combines data from UNHCR and Google to answer 5 questions:

  • What was Syria like before the war?
  • What is happening in Syria?
  • Who is a refugee?
  • Where are Syrian refugees going?
  • How can I help Syrian refugees?


Searching for Syria


There is use of Google Earth imagery used before and after, as well a 360 degree video of ancient sits that have been damaged or destroyed.  I found this very engaging, learnt things I didn’t know, and actually felt compelled to share this with friends.

I realise all of my examples are from international development charities (and fairly large charities too), so if you’ve got some good content you’d like me to share, tweet at me – @Crowable



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