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If you haven’t already switched your Facebook Page over to the new Timeline style on March the 30th Facebook will do it for you. To make the most of the new format we’ve put together a list of a few areas to look at.


Create a New Cover Image

The most obvious change from the old version is the cover image. This provides great opportunities for branding and to visually inspire and engage with your audience. The options are endless as long as you stay within the Facebook guidelines.

Create several different timeline covers so you can provide a fresh and inspiration experience for your timeline visitors!

Image dimensions: 851px x 315px

Download a free template for Adobe Photoshop.


No Default Landing Page Tab

You can no longer set a tab as a default landing tab. So for those who had set up ‘Fan Gates’ and special offers based on this, it now won’t be the first thing potential fans see. You can still use the unique urls of apps to direct people directly to the app from pages outside of Facebook as well as posts, status updates within Facebook.


Application Boxes

The applications you previously had as tabs on the left hand side of your page will now appear as boxes beneath your cover image. The order of these can be changed and you can also customise them with a specified image. Think about creating call to actions for these applications to engage your fans.

If you have more than three or four applications, users can access them by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the boxes. These hidden applications probably won’t receive the same amount of visibility as the main apps so be selective when choosing what to highlight in your application banner.

Application Image dimensions: 111px x 74px


Add Milestones

You can set milestones for current, or past dates. This is a great way to highlight key events such as major campaigns, achievements, launch of new products or other business milestones.

Milestone image dimensions: 843px x 403px


Pin your Posts

If your company has an important post, message, or offer, you can now “pin” that to the top of your timeline. It won’t be displaced when you post new updates or upload new photos. Just keep in mind that you can only pin something for 7 days. When you’ve pinned it, you’ll see a little ribbon in the upper right corner.


Highlighted Posts

You can set any post to be highlighted which means it will take up both sides of the page. This feature enables you to bring special attention to a particular post within the timeline.


Keep engaging your audience through Facebook

The ultimate aim of all this is to make your Facebook page more interesting and engage your audience. So once you’ve looked at these areas you still need to make sure you’re adding content, interacting, and keeping your fans engaged.


If you’re looking for some inspiration have a look at 10 excellent examples of Facebook Brand Timelines

 If you would like us to create some artwork, just ask.



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