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For some time we’ve been collecting a database of charity and non-profit emails and have decided to share them with everyone, to provide inspiration and to showcase best practice for charity email design.

A Selection of Charity and Non-Profit Emails

Charity Email Gallery houses a variety of emails, such as charity appeals, welcome emails, charity newsletters and charity gift emails.

We think that good content and a well designed email can increase donations and help the audience engage better with the cause. There’s no secret recipe to designing a good charity email so we’ve included a good range from lots of different charitable causes. We have captivating emails from Charity: Water, Oxfam, PDSA and Unicef to name a few, and we are constantly updating our database to show the latest trends in charity email design.

We’d love you to check out our website, feel free to tell us what you think about our latest charity emails.

Visit Charity Email Gallery


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