2014 has been a big summer of sport. Marketers have had a field day getting their brands involved in all that has been going on with the football, cycling and tennis. However, with Murray, Froome and England all out of the running for major prizes, the Commonwealth Games was poised as an opportunity for the UK to demonstrate its sporting credentials as well as allowing the whole country to get behind a team – a gift to marketers. Read more
If you wish to keep at the leading edge then we believe that you should focus on the key growth areas: content, including image and video; social media diversity; responsive design and location based marketing. Read more
There are no hard and fast rules for a successful button design - it depends entirely on your goal and the context of the button on the page. We've tried many button designs across a variety of channels and we discovered that there's a fair amount to think about. Read more
We've worked on a number of campaigns with our clients in 2013 and got to understand how to expand the reach to their audience. From this experience we've identified 6 key digital marketing fundamentals we think are a necessity to any campaign... Read more
Here are three charity emails that were sent in Autumn that we particularly liked. We've noticed a growing trend with more and more people opening emails on their mobiles every day, and have included some examples from Charity: Water and World Vision which we think look great on smaller screens. We've also included an interesting newsletter email from Youthwork Magazine. Read more
With Christmas just around the corner many businesses will see a surge of new customers. Keeping their interest and loyalty after Christmas is another matter. Here are some ideas to help with customer retention. Read more
Hashtags may seem like a trivial part of social media, but they can be used by marketers to good effect. We explore some of the ways they've brought in real results here… Read more
We receive a large number of charity emails and as a result of our client work we genuinely believe there is a different process to designing an email for a charity. Here’s a couple of our favourites that we received over the Summer. Read more