South for the winter

September 4, 2008 by Copper News 0 comments 1884

Although we didn't have much of a summer Copper have decided to move south for the winter. Well it's actually nothing to do with the weather but more because we're growing and need more space. So as of next week sometime(when all the wires are in the right places) we'll be based in an old chocolate factory in W10 overlooking the canal. We'll update our address etc. shortly.

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Copper have been working with World Vision UK recently to revamp their child sponsorship signup process. The result is a simpler sign up process which will suggest a child for the user to sponsor at the start of the process. We've changed the search function and also made the important decision making information more accessible.

World Vision Sponsor a Child

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Rare Books

November 29, 2007 by Copper News 0 comments 1956

Copper have just given the online store for Butler Rare Books a facelift after their name change and rebranding. Working with Lemonade Communications, who developed the branding, we restyled the site and gave it some backend maintenance. So if you're after some bedtime reading have a look here -

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World AIDS Day

November 27, 2007 by Copper News 0 comments 2036

With World AIDS Day approaching Copper have been working on a range of projects for Stop AIDS Campaign and World Vision. This work will be popping up on their sites around the 1st of December. Also if you happen to be going to a cinema on the 1st of December you might see the short film about one man's promise to Africa.

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Stour Valley Vineyard

November 23, 2007 by Copper News 0 comments 1889

Copper's latest site is for Stour Valley Vineyard, a fledgling church up in Suffolk.

Given the nature of the church community, especially a growing one, Copper created a site that would be a portal to a range of resources. The site brings together blogs, bookstores, conferences and other information that is relevant to the community. The site also serves as an information hub for what's happening at it's heart a simple content management system and updateable flash promos keep content fresh.

Here's it is -

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Copper have just launched a new etrailer to support the recent World Vision Child Sponsorship TV campaign. Copper also produced the soundtrack to accompany the etrailer. See Gerson's story

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Lemonade anyone?

October 8, 2007 by Copper News 0 comments 2040

For the development of this site a lot of lemonade was consumed to get into their psyche. The client was Lemonade Communications a fresh innovative communications agency. The result was a fresh and fun site that portrays what Lemonade Communications is all about. I think I need some more lemonade :) While I'm grabbing some from the fridge check out their site - Lemonade Communications

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To coincide with a print advertising campaign Copper rebuilt Evolution Media's website to give it an updated look and feel. What we achieved was a site that reflected the style of Evolution a lot better. Hearing how satisfied they were with the new site was music to our ears, and there's some music for your ears on their audio page. Have a look here -

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