Daytrippers is a wonderful charity, running inclusive days for young disabled people in the UK. They are small and privately funded, ensuring 100% of donations go towards benefiting the children on the day-trips – which we think is pretty great. We’ve been working with them for a number of years and understand their positioning and have seen both their charity and the events they run grow. Read more
Exciting occurrences are occurring in the world of Copper… We are thrilled, delighted and excited that our Associate Director Tim Kitchin has been persuaded to join Copper full time in 2015 as Client Service Director and Head of Copper Consulting. Read more
A showreel of some of our video content shot all around the world. Read more

We’re currently looking for someone to fill the position of ‘Digital Campaign Executive’ managing email marketing projects and getting involved in general digital engagement. Have a look at the job description and if you interested get in touch.

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We’re also looking for contract and freelance Web Developers. Particularly those with experience in Open Source CMSs such as WordPress & Drupal. If this is you send us some details.

Our director and chief engagement expert Jason Suttie has started a blog to share his thoughts on engagement and the digital world. You can check it out at if you’re interested. He’d also love to get your comments and feedback if you find his blogs interesting, or not.

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Given how much we go on about and encourage testing of email marketing campaigns we thought we'd point you to this article from the DMA email marketing blog

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There's never a more important time to ensure email marketing cut through than Christmas and we know that many of you are in the process of sorting out your Christmas email marketing campaigns. We came across this article recently which had some handy tips in it which you may find useful. >> Read more