Email should be an integral part of any organisation’s digital marketing arsenal.  It has the ability to reach audiences and trigger a response, whether that’s opening the email or clicking through to your website. We can help you implement automated welcome programmes, regular email newsletters, one-off appeal emails and any other kind of integrated or standalone email campaign.

Email marketing templates

When we build a template we make sure it works within the intended broadcast platform. Many ESPs have their own way of managing email content using shortcodes or specifically named blocks. These are all taken care of when we hand over your expertly design template.


We also test our email templates across all common clients to make sure they don't break.


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Email strategy and content planning

Having a successful email programme often comes down to careful planning and lots of thought. We can put together a content strategy to help you get more out of your email marketing efforts. We also love testing and often include a testing plan to make sure you're getting the most out of your emails.

Email Broadcast Management

Our involvement in the email marketing process extends from just design through to fully managed campaigns. Because we're familiar with many of the ESPs out there we're able to have complete control over the broadcast process leaving you or your digital team to focus on other things.

Email Service Providers

Some of the email broadcast providers we have experience with: Silverpop Engage, Dotmailer, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Charity email, Engaging Networks, Little Green Plane...

Email Campaign Examples


The primary purpose of an email newsletter is to build upon the relationship with your customers. Of course, this might (and should) indirectly result in an increase in sales, but the focus should be on providing relevant, useful content your subscribers might be interested in. Often the content isn't directly related to your products either. For example, an online grocer might send a monthly newsletter featuring a few recipes, a story on the benefits of organic produce and a column with exercising tips.


Often called postcard or e-shots, these are simple, brief announcements your customers might want to make informing customers of a special offer, a popular new product or quick fire sale. These types of emails are typically restricted to a single call-to-action and should be easy for the recipient to scan in a few seconds.


Special appeals are a part of most charity marketing plans by sending them via email you have even greater control over tests and a clear understanding of responses. You could even complement your mail DM Appeals with followups which in most cases help increase donations.

Press Releases

Email press releases can be a great way to attract news coverage. Of course, there are a number of services that can distribute your press releases to the media, but maintaining your own list of media contacts can be a great way for you to send targeted, personalised press releases only to those contacts who will be interested.


An e-commerce or catalogue based email is fairly self explanatory, being an electronic version of a print brochure listing particular products, with the primary goal to encourage customers to purchase.


An email welcome is definitely a best practice. Except for transactional emails such as order confirmations and shipping notifications, welcome emails typically have the highest open rates of any marketing emails. What's more, subscribers who receive a welcome email increase their long-term engagement with a brand by 33% until they decide to stop engaging.

Thank You

An important part of the loyalty cycle is thanking the customers or donors. For e-tailers this might be offering service advice or tips about their new purchase. For charities this might be showing them the work their donations are doing.


Some of the types above may fall into the category of triggered campaigns in that they are sent when a user performs an action. For example a welcome email may be automatically sent once someone signs up to your list. Another example might be if you know a recipient's birthday you could trigger an email to send on their birthday just to say Happy Birthday and maybe offer you a discount code. Wouldn't that be nice :)