Digital engagement is about bringing your audience closer to you and your brand through channels such as email, web, mobile and social. Our campaigns encourage your audience to take an action, whether that’s clicking a link, commenting on facebook or watching a video each to bring them closer to your brand. Each action builds engagement.

When we create engagement campaigns we look for possibilities to make connections between digital marketing channels. We find that when different channels are all working  together they can be so much more effective.

Our Digital Engagement Framework

The Copper Digital Engagement Framework

Our digital engagement framework is what we use to plan the connections between channels to more successfully build engagement.

When creating strategies we look at which
communications, conversations and content will have the highest impact on engagement. Making connections between these channels in a clear and easy way are what give a campaign the highest impact. So your communications start conversations, your content enhances communications, your conversations generate content… etc.

A Charity Supporter Engagement Case Study

Digital Engagement Framework Example

An example of how channels might work together is a campaign which starts with an email(communication) to a charity’s supporters. The email has an action which drives recipients through to their website(content) to encourage them to make a donation. Once they’ve donated they’re then asked to share this with their friends on facebook(conversation). This then hopefully encourages more potential supporters back to the website to keep the cycle going. After they’ve donated they then receive a ‘Thank you’ email(communication).