October 24, 2017 6092

Amnesty approached Copper to develop the proposition, creative and build the assets for a UK Government match funded appeal.

The UK Government were matching donations going to Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso to deliver human rights education work and to affect legal and cultural change. The campaign would be specifically targeting the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

Amnesty International’s work has already saved thousands of young women from the threat of FGM and this campaign gave them the chance to save even more.


Our Approach

Understanding how to convey the horror of FGM was quite a challenge to do within a display ad. We also needed to work with the brand guidelines of Amnesty and also meet DfID’s approval. 

Copper developed a selection of concepts which the final ‘concept’ was chosen from. This concept was then rolled out across the various display ad formats and posts for social.

As this was a time limited offer each format also included variants which displayed a countdown to when the matched funding stopped.



Overall the campaign achieved well above target. The creative was very well received and met DfID’s strict guidelines but still kept to Amnesty’s brand style.

The countdown variants saw a 75% uplift in average response rate, this in turn also saw a 28% uplift in average gift.