August 13, 2014 4798

WaterAid digital engagement

First 100 Days

Digital Engagement Campaign

This campaign we created for WaterAid is a great example of how communications, content and conversations all work together. We were briefed by WaterAid to create a campaign which would primarily encourage people to sign the petition but also to tell their friends and make a donation. We built an email which, although slightly unconventional at around 8000px, demonstrated the idea of a countdown with increasing urgency and detail the further down the email the reader went. The email sent recipients through to the petition page on the WaterAid website. After they had signed the petition they were then asked to share the campaign with their friends by clicking a button which would update their twitter status, add a link on facebook or send an email to their friends. The campaign was segmented by involvement to also help understand how different groups responded. There was also a chaser email which reinforced the stories of the people who will be affected by the decisions of our government.

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