The apprentice is a show that many of us welcome back onto our TV screens year after year. The usual array of mouthy, over confident contestants (some hopefully with talent) inevitably makes good viewing.Over the years we have watched the show produce inventors, recruiters, cosmetic surgeons... and now a digital marketing agency. Read more
The concept of agility has been working its way into all manner of contexts and industries over the last few years. There are now so many processes which benefit from being responsive and adaptive, most significantly when technology is a factor in the process. As we’ve been practising some of these theories we’ve realised that most of what Agile is about is transferrable to fundraising and hence ‘Agile Fundraising’. Read more
The morning commute on the underground is usually an internet free zone (apart from the bits of the underground that are actually over ground) which can result in positive and negative sentiment for commuters. But alas no longer! The future has been unveiled, and on-the-move connectivity is a large part of it. Read more
In the aftermath of the Ice Bucket Challenge and the #nomakeupselfie a new viral fundraising campaign has come to our attention... Read more
In marketing we’re usually quite excited about new ways to engage our consumers. You can already hear rumours starting about the next frontier in digital marketing, and some say it could be wearable technology.. Read more