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Must Have Gifts emailsWe’ve been working with World Vision on their Must Have Gifts product for a number of years.  Over the years we have produced online ads, web content, regular and transactional emails and even an interactive village. Although the main promotional period is in the run up to Christmas we’ve been involved in maintaining a level of sales throughout the year via digital channels.

With each of the emails we look to test as much as possible to improve the clickthrough and conversion rates. Running A/B creative split tests has allowed us to see where improvements can be made. We then implement any changes in the following email to hopefully improve conversions and learn more about the buyers.

Looking at the email results in line with the site analytics has also helped to understand buyer behaviour. When we re-introduced the regular monthly email we could clearly see that the general level of engagement with the site increased.

We’ve been spreading the word to World Vision Child Sponsors about how they can now send an email to their sponsored child. We tested a few options and came up with an email that was getting some of their best open rates and clickthroughs yet.